Understanding ABA in Schools Series with Dr. Vanessa Tucker, BCBA-D

Dr. Vanessa Tucker, BCBA-D

Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention is excited to welcome Dr. Vanessa Tucker, BCBA-D, for a series of webinars for Behavior Analysts! This series is designed to address the nuances of providing behavior analytic services in school settings.

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Topics addressed in each of the four sessions are outlined below. You can choose to register for any session on its own (follow the link in the description), or for the whole series at a discount (click ‘Register’ above).

It’s a Different World: Understanding ABA in Schools (Part 1 & 2 – 2 hrs & 2.0 CEU’s each)


BCBAs and related staff (BCABAs, RBTs) are increasingly finding themselves providing services in the school setting, which is great news for our students with disabilities who benefit from ABA. As schools add this important support system to their overall programs, they too are grappling with how to define these services and to make them relevant within the current school content. The world of school is very different from home or the clinic setting. This training will provide concrete information on the nature of schools, how Special Education works, and how BCBAs and their related staff can best fit within the school culture. BCBAs and their related staff will walk away from this training with a new perspective of how the school system operates, how potential differences arise in terms of service, and how to navigate services in an effective way that builds capacity for all.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will define the main aspects of Special Education within the larger schooling system,
  2. Participants will discuss and explore the ways that BCBAs are currently working in schools, as well as how these situations are bringing up potential ethics issues (and how to handle them),
  3. Participants will define the differences between medically necessary services and the ADA/IDEA/504 services designed to promote access in schools (and how these ideals tend to collide),
  4. Participants will explore scope of practice issues that come up for clinical professionals in school settings.

School-Based ABA: Collaboration in the School Setting (3 hrs, 3.0 CEU’s)


BCBAs increasingly find themselves providing services in the school setting, which has the potential to benefit many in education, not just the individual students to whom they are assigned. Schools have unique rules, expectations, roles and scopes of practice that are important for BCBA staff to understand. In addition, BCBAs may wear multiple hats and be tasked with a wide variety of interventions. Participants in this training will explore the various ways that BCBAs work in schools, their roles on IEP teams and the services they provide. The training will also cover ways to collaborate effectively with other team members and to build capacity within various school settings. Note: This training is a good next step after the first webinar in this series. (however you want to word this

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will review the basic expectation of schools regarding access to the general education curriculum as applied to academics, behavior and social skills.
  2. Attendees will discuss and review the various possible roles they may take in providing applied behavior analytic services in schools, as well as their scope of practice within schools.
  3. Attendees will review their roles on IEP teams as well as the basics of collaboration across disciplines.

Ethical Issues in School-Based ABA Services (3 hrs, 3.0 Ethics CEU’s)


BCBAs provide interventions to a wide variety of consumers in a wide variety of settings. As the application of services grows in the K-12 school setting, so too grows the potential for ethical issues to arise in practice. In this webinar, school-based ethical situations will be discussed. Each will be outlined, discussed in light of the Code of Ethics and a set of recommendations given. These recommendations come from the BCBA perspective as well as from a special education lens.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will identify, through a review of case studies, the ethical codes that apply to common ethical dilemmas arising in school-based ABA service provision.
  2. Attendees will explore how to prevent such ethical dilemmas at the outset of a professional relationship,
  3. Attendees will discuss strategies for addressing such dilemmas when they do occur.

About the Presenter

Dr. Vanessa Tucker, BCBA-Dis a board certified behavior analyst (doctoral level) who practices privately with a focus on providing program supports, interventions, mentoring and evaluations in school settings. She is also an Associate Professor of Special Education at Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, WA. She has been teaching and/or coordinating special education programs for 25 years, and has been in the field of ABA for 10. Her primary areas of interest are the application of ABA in the school setting and behavior interventions for students with complex support needs.

Vanessa got her general and special education certification in 1995 from Western Washington University. She obtained her Masters in Low Incidence Disabilities in 2002 from the University of Washington and her Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism from the University of Washington in 2009. She has worked as a special education teacher, program coordinator and consultant.

CEU’s included, and Cost to Attend:

  • 4.0 Learning BACB CEU’s for Session 1 & 2 (must attend or view both sessions)
    • $79.99 (CEU’s included in price)
  • 3.0 Learning BABC CEU’s for Session 3
    • $59.99 (CEU’s included in price)
  • 3.0 Learning BABC CEU’s for Session 4 (Ethics CEU’s)
    • $59.99 (CEU’s included in price)
  • 10.0 CEU’s (3.0 Ethics CEU’s) for the entire series
    • $189.99 (CEU’s included in price)

For questions, challenges with registration, or any other needed information, please contact Dusty, Director of Continuing Education and ACE Coordinator for CBPI, LLC, at continuingeducation@connections-behavior.com.

Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention, LLC, is a BACB-Approved ACE Provider (Provider # OP-17-2781). The BACB does not directly sponsor or endorse this event, its speakers, or its content.

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