School District Services

Services for School Districts

Connections behavior is a WA State Behavioral Health Agency that provides school-based Applied Behavior Analysis services. The services we provide offer an additional tier of support to school teams that is not typically provided by traditional 1:1 agency services.

At Connections, we provide Technical Assistance & Support to the school team and classroom teacher to ensure we are meeting state and federal requirements for using a process based on the student’s response to scientifically based research. In addition, we align our work to apply “rigorous, systematic, and objective procedures to obtain reliable and valid knowledge relevant to education activities and programs”.

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Student and Classroom Support

A Behavior Specialist or Board Certified Behavior Analyst will be assigned to provide Technical Assistance and ensure we provide behavior support that elicits socially significant change in student behavior.

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Consultation Services

Connections Consultants strive to build capacity within educational setting to support the needs of students, staff, and parents. We offer a tiered service delivery model with an emphasis on behavior management in different settings.

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