Safety Care for Families

Parent Services

Safety Care for Families is a program designed to support family members and other stakeholders working with behaviorally challenging individuals in the home setting. This training series is broken down into 2 parts: Essential Skills Training and Advanced Skills Training. Both of these trainings are split into two 2.5-hour sessions. 

  • Essential Skills is designed for any family with a child who engages in challenging behavior with the goal to teach parents skills to effectively prevent and manage behavioral challenges and teach replacement behaviors at home and in the community. Both Essential Skills Level 1 and 2 are offered to all Connections Families and other members of the community who need additional support.
  • Advanced Skills is designed for families with children who engage in more severe challenging behaviors that may sometimes require the use of physical management to keep your child and others safe. Advanced Skills is reserved for Connections families only as it requires an on-going relationship and must have a recommendation from the behavior specialist on the case.