DNA-v in Schools & Community-Based Settings with Dr. Duncan Gillard

Dr. Duncan Gillard

Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention is excited to welcome Dr. Duncan Gillard for a Continuing Education webinar for Behavior Analysts! This workshop will provide an overview of the DNA-v model of ACT for young folks, and applications in schools and other community outlets.


DNA-V (Hayes & Ciarrochi (2015) is a relatively recently developed model within the world of Contextual Behavioral Science.  Part of its unique contribution to the field is its developmental focus.  That is, DNA-V was developed as a psychological flexibility model that takes account of the unique developmental context of children and adolescents. Whilst models like the Hexaflex (Hayes, Strosahl, Bunting, Twohig & Wilson, 2004) have had some success in their application with youth populations (see Fang & Ding, 2020), they do not fully account the developmental considerations essential to optimal intervention with children and young people.

In this workshop, we will conceptually outline the DNA-V model and explore some of its applications within community-based settings, such as schools, family homes and the wider community.  We will critically explore some of the recent research around the application of DNA-V, and psychological flexibility models more generally, within community-based settings with children and adolescents.  Delegates will experience the DNA-V model from the inside, having the opportunity to take part in guided exercises designed to target specific core DNA-V processes.  Delegates will also have the chance to practice specific kernels (powerful activities designed to target one or other of the core DNA-V processes) in small groups, within the context of the Portland Peer Supervision Model (Thompson et al, 2015).

About the Presenter

Dr. Duncan Gillard is an Educational, Child & Community Psychologist working out of Bristol, U.K. He is the lead author of the recently published book The Science of Children’s Wellbeing and the co-author of the popular self-help book Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Dummies.  Duncan has also written a wide range peer-reviewed articles on the subjects of ACT and Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS), including the seminal article in The Psychologist magazine The Strange Death of Radical Behaviourism (Jackson-Brown & Gillard, 2014 – The ‘strange death’ of radical behaviourism | BPS).  Along with a small group of colleagues, Duncan developed the well-known psychological flexibility curriculum Connect PSHE (Connect PSHE (connect-pshe.org), which is based on the DNA-V model (Hayes & Ciarrochi, 2015) and the six ways to wellbeing (Basarkod, 2019).  Primarily, Duncan’s work focuses on getting psychological flexibility models out of the clinic and into the community, including the development, delivery and evaluation of whole-school and targeted interventions to promote and improve children’s wellbeing and resilience and on the delivery of group and individually-based ACT coaching interventions to support teachers’ and parents’ wellbeing and values-based living.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the six core DNA-V processes of change.  
  2. Describe Connect PSHE as an application of DNA-V in community-based settings (including public schools).
  3. Practice example exercises that are used as part of the DNA-V model.
  4. Describe strategies for practicing skills with colleagues, as in the Portland Peer Supervision Model (Thompson et al, 2015).
CEU’s included, and Cost to Attend:
  • 3.0 Learning BACB CEU’s
    • $59.99 (CEU’s included in price)

For questions, challenges with registration, or any other needed information, please contact Dusty, Director of Continuing Education and ACE Coordinator for CBPI, LLC, at continuingeducation@connections-behavior.com.

Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention, LLC, is a BACB-Approved ACE Provider (Provider # OP-17-2781). The BACB does not directly sponsor or endorse this event, its speakers, or its content.

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