Defusion – Deliteralizing Language in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) with Matthew Boone, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer

Matthew Boone, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer

Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention is excited to welcome Mathew Boone, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer, for a three-hour webinar for Behavior Analysts! This event will focus on the topic of Defusion, a core process in Acceptance and Commitment Training.


Acceptance and commitment training (ACT) is an evidence-based model of behavior change grounded in behavior analysis, functional contextualism, and relational frame theory (RFT). ACT offers practitioners a variety of tools to enhance psychological flexibility: the capacity to pay attention to the present, open up to painful private events, and take action based on personally chosen values. Defusion is a core component of psychological flexibility. Defusion, as a process, entails deliteralizing language so that mental events have less influence over behavior. Defusing language allows clients to break free from rigid rules for living, undermine unhelpful stories about themselves, and take effective action based on what’s important to them. Defusion techniques can involve mindfully watching the process of thinking as it occurs, repeating painful thoughts until they become just a collection of sounds, or just prefacing thoughts with “I’m thinking….”

This webinar will introduce behavior analysts to the theory and practice of defusion through brief lecture, case examples, demonstration, and experiential exercises. Participants will experience the process of defusion for themselves to see what it’s like to let go of the automatic, habitual influence of thinking and meaning making on behavior. The integration of defusion with other processes of psychological flexibility, such as acceptance, contact with the present moment, self-as-context, values, and committed action, will be emphasized throughout, and participants will learn the connection of these terms with basic behavior analytic concepts and RFT.

About the Presenter

Matthew Boone, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer is a social worker, psychotherapist, writer, and public speaker who specializes in translating mental health concepts for the helping professionals and the general public. He is the Director of Programming and Outreach at the Student Wellness Program of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry. Matt practices and trains others in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), an evidence-based intervention for a broad spectrum of health and mental health problems. He is an Association of Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) peer-reviewed ACT trainer and a former consultant for the Veterans Affairs (VA) ACT for Depression training rollout. He taught ACT at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Social Work and has served on the training committee of ACBS. He is a co-author, with Jennifer Gregg and Lisa Coyne, of Stop Avoiding Stuff: 25 Microskills to Face Your Fears and Do It Anyway and editor of the book Mindfulness and Acceptance in Social Work. He’s also a giant fan boy of BCBAs and behavior analysis.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this event, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of defusion in acceptance and commitment training (ACT)
  2. Identify when clients are unnecessarily fused with mental content and see opportunities for facilitating defusion
  3. Describe five or more defusion techniques
  4. Facilitate defusion, in a beginning way, with clients

CEU’s included, and Cost to Attend:

  • 3.0 Learning BACB CEU’s (included with purchase)
  • $59.99 to attend
    • Includes access to the recording and presentation materials, and CEU’s.

For questions, challenges with registration, or any other needed information, please contact Dusty, Director of Continuing Education and ACE Coordinator for CBPI, LLC, at continuingeducation@connections-behavior.com.

Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention, LLC, is a BACB-Approved ACE Provider (Provider # OP-17-2781). The BACB does not directly sponsor or endorse this event, its speakers, or its content.


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