Process-Based Behavior Therapy (PBBT™) with Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes & Dr. Ciara McEnteggart

Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes & Dr. Ciara McEnteggart

Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention is excited to welcome Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Dr. Ciara McEnteggart for a Continuing Education webinar for Behavior Analysts! This event will focus on Process-based Behavior Therapy (PBBT™), an emerging behavior-change technology based in the presenters’ extensive research in Relational Frame Theory.


This is an opportunity to explore what the recent focus on process-based therapy adds to the clinician’s toolkit, by looking toward a newly developed therapy referred to as Process-based Behavior Therapy (PBBT). Fully grappling with the question of what is a process allows clinicians to add precision and depth to their therapeutic work. The definitions of clinically relevant processes have now been clearly identified by recent conceptual developments that have updated Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and PBBT harnesses these processes fully to guide clinical analyses and interventions.

For a more in-depth primer, you can review a recent paper by the presenters HERE.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will define ‘processes’ in the context of process-based behavior therapy, in functional-analytic terms.
  2. Participants will identify the processes at work in individual clients or groups, given case-study examples.
  3. Participants will identify behaviors that indicate specific processes at work, to better understand problematic clinical behaviors.
  4. Participants will practice skills to assess a client’s processes.
  5. Participants will identify how to intervene on client’s problematic processes using appropriate interventions, given case examples.

About the Presenters

Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes has been a highly successful academic and clinician with a strong track record in teaching, training, publishing, and presenting for over 20 years. She has published over 150 scientific articles and book chapters, and given over 500 presentations and workshops internationally. She is a world leader in Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and co-founded Process-based Behavior Therapy (PBBT) as a clinical application of RFT, based on the theory’s most recent developments. She is a recognized World Trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She was an Associate Professor in Behavior Analysis and a Senior Research Fellow at Ghent University, Belgium before recently returning to Ireland and establishing Perspectives Ireland. As a behavior therapist for 22 years, she has maintained a diverse case load and supervision list, and is well-known for complex case consultancy often provided to government bodies both in Ireland and the UK. Yvonne is dedicated to bringing greater precision to understanding and applying psychology from a behavioral and functional-analytic perspective.

Dr. Ciara McEnteggart

Across the ten years of her career in both Ireland and Belgium, Ciara has built up a strong reputation in her field as both a scientist and a clinician. She was a Senior Researcher at Ghent University before establishing Perspectives Ireland. Ciara co-founded Process-based Behavior Therapy (PBBT) as a clinical application of RFT, based on the theory’s most recent developments. As a behavior therapist, Ciara first worked in early educational contexts for a number of years before building up a strong case load and extensive group therapy experience. Ciara has spent many years providing experiential and skills-based training to large and small groups in many different professional sectors. Ciara’s passion is to make psychological trainings more adaptable and effective across all professional environments. To date, Ciara has published over 40 articles, 7 book chapters and one edited volume which center around human psychological suffering and its alleviation.

CEU’s included, and Cost to Attend:

  • 4.0 Learning BACB CEU’s (must attend both sessions)
    • $79.99 (CEU’s included in price)

For questions, challenges with registration, or any other needed information, please contact Dusty, Director of Continuing Education and ACE Coordinator for CBPI, LLC, at continuingeducation@connections-behavior.com.

Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention, LLC, is a BACB-Approved ACE Provider (Provider # OP-17-2781). The BACB does not directly sponsor or endorse this event, its speakers, or its content.

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