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Working with children, especially in the field of ABA, is a responsibility to be taken on with care and consideration to everyone who’ll be affected. It’s no small feat to support even a single child through the challenges of day to day life, and even with training and experience, we might feel at risk of burn-out or under-serving populations in need in certain environments.  This is why, whether you’re already familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis, or just getting your start, it’s important to look for a place of work where you can be confident that you will be able to have support, integrity, and room to grow as you work.

The location of services being provided should be considered. Services provided in home settings are vastly different from services provided in a clinic or school setting and employee expectations may vary between settings. The number of hours available to work and commute times may also vary between these settings so be sure to ask questions to make sure the setting matches your needs! 

“A workplace that provides you with adequate support is essential to success in any profession.”

 RBTs should be cognizant of company standards regarding supervision and training! A workplace that provides you with adequate support is essential to success in any profession. This includes looking for companies who have smaller caseloads and plenty of training opportunities for RBTs such as overlaps with different clients and consistent feedback from supervisors. If you decide pursue higher education while working in ABA, and you are looking into a BCBA program, exploring the ways in which a company can support you is also helpful! A workplace that provides you with adequate support is essential to success in any profession. That’s doubly true when you are taking on the responsibility of a caregiver: to be the ideal caregiver in any situation, it’s extremely important to have a solid understanding of your own limits and needs, to ensure that you will be the best influence you can be in the lives of the population you serve. 

Due to the growing demand for ABA therapy, companies who provide ABA services are popping up left and right in the greater Seattle area. Parents aren’t the only ones who should “shop around” for the right fit for services – Registered Behavior Technicians should be shopping around too! Not all ABA companies are created equal and differences in ABA companies may mean that one organization is a better fit for an RBT than others.

Lydia is an RBT with CBPI, and a fresh-faced youth with hope in their heart.

Lynda is an RBT with CBPI.

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