Relational Density in the World: Critically Evaluating Resistance and Coherence in the Emergence and Maintenance of Culture with Dr. Ashley Payne & Dr. Jordan Belisle

Online - Webinar
Dr. Jordan Belisle & Dr. Ashely PayneMay 15, 2023 - May 15, 2023 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention is excited to welcome Dr. Ashley Payne and Dr. Jordan Belisle, BCBA for a webinar Behavior Analysts! This session will focus on the topic of RFT and Relational Density Theory as they apply to social- and cultural-phenomena.


Session Abstract

Radical behaviorism and functional contextualism both emerged from within philosophical pragmatism, that itself emerged as an on-going solution to systems of oppression and injustice. Science itself, including the field of behavior analysis, is viewed through a constructionist lens wherein theories are developed or constructed to solve applied challenges. Those challenges that are resolved initially trend toward those experienced by majority cultures that hold historical and present social power and influence, leaving solutions largely unexplored for groups most impacted, including members of the behavior analysis community and those we serve. Moreover, solutions that may appear workable for a majority group can directly disadvantage minority groups, perpetuating cycles of violence and oppression.

In this presentation, we will review critical theories (Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory) and their link to behavior analytic concepts like relational frame theory and metacontingencies. We will also discuss how RDT models allow for a functional analysis of racist and sexist beliefs that perpetuate disadvantage for members of BIPOC communities, LGBTQIA+ communities, and intersectional identities, as well as the contingencies that maintain relational biases. Finally, we will discuss stigma against autistic communities through this same critical lens, emphasizing work in disability studies. In all cases, we propose provisional solutions and areas for further research, where behavior analysts have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards engineering cultural humility in our practice and our world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe critical theories, such as Critical Race Theory and Feminist Theory, through a pragmatic and constructionist lens
  2. Describe how biased relational framing is nested within oppressive systems and privileged contingencies
  3. Apply the framework to developing solutions to challenges faced by members of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and intersectional communities

About the Presenters

Dr. Ashley Payne is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Missouri State University. (More details soon…)

Dr. Jordan Belisle, BCBA-D, is an associate professor at Missouri State University and founder of HUB Research Lab (Humans Understanding Behavior, graduate research lab) and co-developer of the LOTUS Project (applied engagement and dissemination), BEAR Lab (undergraduate research development laboratory), and DELTA Project (de-affiliated doctoral student support program). His research focuses on applying advanced models of human language and cognition in various applied settings, from supporting neurodivergent learners and developing mental health technologies (clinical behavior analysis), to social and climate justice initiatives. He has authored 2 books, Research Methods for the Practicing Behavior Analyst (Belisle, Stanley, & Dixon, 2021) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Behavior Analysts (Dixon, Hayes, & Belisle, 2023). Jordan has also published over 80 peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters and co-authored over 200 presentations. This work represents the combined efforts of multiple student research assistants and international collaboration networks.

CEU’s included, and Cost to Attend:

  • 2.0 Learning BACB CEU’s (included with purchase)
  • $40 to attend single session, or $110 for the full series
    • Includes access to the recording and presentation materials, and CEU’s.

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